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CO2 Offsetting project

IPPA is partnering with CO2 Logic to compensate for the CO2 emissions of the ICPP5 participants who travel to Barcelona. As part of the initiative, participants who travel to/from Barcelona will have the option to neutralize the carbon footprint of their flights by contributing to a carbon offsetting project.


Greentripper is an affiliate of CO2logic, a company with over 12 years of experience in assessing and developing climate projects, in collaboration with local NGOs. Its goal is to reduce the environmental impact of travel thanks to a certified CO2 compensation system. 

Greentripper and CO2logic support top quality certified climate projects. These are mainly projects that have received the Gold Standard (founded by WWF and other NGOs) and take into account not only environmental benefits, but also socio-economic and cultural aspects. Impact calculations are based on the official methodology of Bilan Carbone © from ADEME.

CO2logic is operating in voluntary carbon markets and chooses carbon reduction or sequestration in developing countries because the projects carried out there include many additional components to their ecological value by improving livelihoods of local communities. All of CO2logic's climate projects contribute to multiple SDG. The project in Uganda contributes to these specific goals:


Water climate projects aim to giving direct access to safe and clean drinking water through construction of boreholes. They contribute to rural communities that don't have access to clean water, as often fetched from polluted source. In order to make it safe for consumption the water is boiled and firewoods is the main type of fuel which is harmful for the ecosystem. 



The project in Kaliro district, Uganda, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will contribute towards the following co-benefits:

  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of surrounding forests and therefore reduced erosion and nutrient loss
  • Reduced disease caused by drinking dirty water
  • Reduced disease caused by Carbon Monoxide and particulates from fire
  • Less time needed to purify water allowing more time to focus on other household tasks and supervision of children
  • Local training and Employment provided in maintenance and monitoring of the boreholes
  • Reduced costs in the purchase of fuel


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