Period 1 (Early Bird)
Before 1st April 2021
Period 2
1st April - 14th May 2021
Period 3
After the 14th of May 2021
IPPA Members* 260 € 360 € 460 €
IPPA Members (PhD Students) 160 € 260 € 360 €
Non IPPA Members 460 € 560 € 660 €
Non IPPA Members (PhD Students) 260 € 360 € 460 €


*The IPPA Membership Fee is 40€ for PhD Students and 120€ for others, for two calendar years (2021-2022).



In the event of having to cancel ICPP5 due to unforeseen circumstances and if you already registered to attend, or in case you are unable to travel for reasons linked to the current COVID-19 pandemic (travel bans, quarantine requirements...), IPPA will fully refund your registration and membership fees (if applicable). 

If the nature of the cancellation differs from the above, we will process refunds according to the General Refund Rules listed below:


General Refund Rules
IPPA Membership Fees cannot be refunded.
Before 1st April 2021: 100% reimbursement.
Between 1st April and 1st May 2021: 75% reimbursement of registration fees, lunches, and Gala Dinner.
Between 1st May and 14th May 2021: 50% reimbursement of the registration fees, lunches, and Gala Dinner.
After 14th May 2021: NO reimbursements will be made.
Partial refunds are not possible (refund of only lunch, or gala dinner, etc).
If you have taken a refund during one payment period, you will not be able to re-register in the same payment period.
Special refund considerations can be made for people encountering visa problems or with personal emergencies. Proof has to be presented for the same and the final decision on the refund rests with the Association.
All disputes arising out of the registration process will be subjected to laws in the Republic of France.