• Does the topic influence the selection process?

When you submit a panel, you are asked to select a topic. The topic is only an indication for the ‘Call for Papers’ so that the authors of the papers can find the panel to which they can apply more easily. It does not influence the selection process of the panel in any way.


  • How can I add co-chairs?

Please note that all the co-chairs must have a user account on the IPPA website in order to appear on the panel proposal. They can also create their account after the panel submission: the panel chair who submitted the panel proposal can add them as co-chairs from his account before the submission deadline.


  • How can I change the panel chairs' order?

 The panel chairs order cannot be modified from your account. If you wish to do so, please email us. Please note that the order of the chairs is insignificant, it doesn’t influence the selection or the organization processes of the panel. All the co-chairs are on the same level, there is no hierarchy.


  • Should I submit several panel proposals?

1 panel can consist of up to 3 sessions (from 1 to 3). Therefore, it is not necessary to submit several panel proposals at the same time.


  • Can I propose a full/closed panel proposal (a panel where the participants are already chosen in advance)?

No, you have to submit an open panel proposal. The main idea of having open panel proposals is to allow researchers to meet and exchange with other researchers and gain new perspectives on their work.