1. Do I need to promote my panel during the call for papers?

Yes. We highly recommend you to forward to all your networks the general email of the call for papers you received. We also recommend you to promote your own panel by sending emails to your networks. To do so, please note that you can use the unique web-address dedicated to your panel. To find this address, click on the “List of Panels”, then click on your specific panel and copy the address appearing in your internet browser when your panel window opens. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have difficulty finding it.


2. Can I still change the panel chairs order?

The panel chairs' order does not affect their access to paper proposals. All panel chairs, no matter their order will have access to the paper proposals. If you want to change the panel chairs order, please contact us at


3. Which panel information appears to the participants and is it still possible to modify the panel description?

The participants have access to the “General Objectives” and the “Call for Papers” sections you proposed on the “List of Panels”. We recommend you visit the specific window which focuses on your panel and see how it looks like. If you want to change your panel presentation, please contact us at


4. How many papers can I accept?

Each panel can have from 1 to 3 sessions of 2 hours during the Conference. The relevant number of presentations for each session is from 4 to 5 papers. It means that you can select from 4 to 15 papers for your panel.


5. What happens if I received more than 15 good papers?

In that case, please contact us, we will examine your specific situation. Do not forget that generally, we observe a potential decrease of 10% - 20% in the number of papers after the payment period.


6. What happens if I received less than 4-5 papers?

In that case, we will contact you to ask you how many papers you have identified as good enough to be selected. During the Conference, no session can be organized with less than 3 papers. Taking into account that not all the participants who proposed a paper will register and come, we highly recommend selecting at least 4 to 5 papers. If you only received 2 or 3 papers, we will work with you to see if we can merge your panel with another one that did not receive enough papers either.


7. Can I accept papers from Master’s students?

ICPP is a high-quality academic Conference. To propose a paper, our minimum requirement is that participants must have a PhD, be a researcher, or be a PhD student. You can also open your panel to practitioners or to experts. However, proposals from Master's students are usually not accepted.  


8. Can I accept papers from practitioners or experts?

Yes. It is possible to accept papers from practitioners or experts. In that case, don’t hesitate to precise this information on your call for papers.


9. May I submit a paper for my own panel?

Yes. It is totally possible to submit a paper for your own panel. You just have to follow the same procedure as for the authors by logging in to your account, then going to the submission page and filling the form. It is important that you submit the paper you want to present on the website, even as the panel chair, so that your presentation can be scheduled during your panel's session organization.


10. How can I consult the paper proposals submitted to my panel?

To access the paper proposals, please first log in to your account via our website. Click on “ICPP5 – Barcelona 2021” followed then on “Evaluate papers”. You will see all the paper abstracts by clicking on the eye button. You will be able to evaluate them only at the end of the call for papers (29 January 2021).


11. What are the selection criteria for the papers?

During the selection process, you must take into account the quality of the abstract and its relevance for your panel. We have asked for an abstract from 300 to 500 words maximum and its content must reflect the potential interest for future papers. The quality of our Conference depends primarily on the quality of the papers that you will select. If you have any doubts or if you want to give any comment or advice to an author you want to select, don't hesitate to send him/her an email.


12. What is the deadline to evaluate the papers?

The evaluation process will begin after the end of the call for papers. You will receive an email in early February 2021 to announce the opening of the evaluation process. The deadline for the evaluation will be 12 February 2021. It is a very short period but you can begin to read the abstracts and prepare your evaluation progressively during the call for papers process. 


13. How should I proceed to evaluate papers?

You will receive a specific email that will explain precisely the evaluation process. once the evaluation period is open, you will have access to a new button which will allow you not only to read the abstracts but also to accept or to reject the paper proposal. To do so, please log in to your account and click on “ICPP5” and on “Evaluate Papers”.


14. What is the deadline for the authors to upload their full papers and where I can see them?

Once their abstract proposal is selected, the authors must upload the full paper - via their user account on the IPPA website - by 1 June 2021. The paper will be online and visible on your panel page on our website. A PDF logo will appear in front of all papers whose authors have uploaded the full version. We recommend you to send an email to the authors who did not meet the deadline to push them to upload their full paper ASAP. The quality of both the discussions and the Conference depends on the access of the full papers beforehand.


15. When do I have to organize the different sessions of my panel?

The organization of the sessions will be set at the beginning of May. We are waiting for most of the people to register for the Conference before allowing you to organize your sessions. Indeed, it is best to organize your sessions only with the participants who have registered to prevent having to reorganize the sessions several times. When the period of sessions management is open, you will receive an email that will explain the whole process and you will have access to a new button (“My Session”) allowing you to distribute the papers you have selected into the different sessions. A sign will allow you to recognize the papers where at least one author has registered so that you can organize your sessions accordingly.


16. How many sessions can I organize for my panel?

The panel chairs can organize between 1 to 3 sessions of 2 hours taking into the number of papers selected and if their authors registered. A session must have at least 3 to 5 paper presentations.


17. Can I nominate discussants for my panels/sessions, when, and how?

Yes. It is highly recommended to nominate one or two discussant(s) for each session of 2 hours. These discussants can be the panel chairs or any other participants of the Conference. When the period of “Sessions Management” is open, you will be able to indicate in the system one or two discussant(s) for each session. To do so, you will have to click on the session's specific button and enter the discussant’s email address. All discussants must have an account in our database and must be registered for the Conference.


18. How is a session organized?

A session lasts 2 hours but its organization depends on the panel chair. The standard organization consists of 15 minutes of presentation by each author (4 in general) followed by the intervention of one or two discussants (which could be the panel chair or a specific discussant) for 20 minutes who will discuss all the paper. Finally, an exchange will be done with the participants. You are free to organize the sessions of your panel differently, but don't forget to inform the authors previously.


19. When will the schedule of my sessions be published?

We publish the schedule of all the sessions usually around the end of May when all the panel chairs have organized their sessions. We will do our best to prevent schedule conflicts, but we always recommend each participant not to be involved in too many sessions as authors, discussants, or chairs.


20. Do I have to register for the Conference?

Yes. All the participants (panel chairs, authors, discussants, or simple participants) must register for the Conference and pay the registration fees. As a panel chair, if you meet any difficulty to come, please inform us as soon as possible to prevent a last-minute cancellation.


21. When can I register for the Conference?

The registration will be open from 15 January 2021 until the last day of the Conference, on 8 July 2021 We have three different periods for the fees:

- The early bird allows you to benefit from a discounted price if you register before the 31 March

- The normal period

- The late period with an increased price. Please find more information here


22. What is the deadline to be included in the printed program?

To appear on the website and on the Conference program, participants must register before 15 May 2021.


23. What is the difference between the printed and the online program? 

The difference is that the website will be updated until the day before the Conference, whereas the printed program will be distributed to participants at the Conference with the information provided before 15 May 2021.


24. If authors have questions, where can they find information about how to submit the papers?

The authors can visit our dedicated FAQs page.


25. My name is spelled in the wrong way. How can I update my personal information?

You can change your personal information from your user account by clicking first on “My Account” then on “Modify my profile”. Please note that the 'last name' section refers to your family name. For your information, the given name on your user account will be the one on your Conference badge.


26. How will the rooms be equipped?

All rooms are equipped with a computer and a video projector. More information will be available a few weeks before the Conference.


27. I need an invitation letter for my Visa, where can I find it?

Please contact us at, we will gladly provide you one.