Timeline, Schedule and Fees

IWPP 2 - QUITO 2020




Call for Workshops

16th September - 30th October 2019

Results of Call for Workshops

14th November 2019

Call for Papers

15th November 2019 - 30th January 2020

Results of Call for Papers

14th February 2020

Early registration

From 1st January - 31st March 

Deadline for registration

14th May 2020

Deadline for full paper submission

1st June 2020





MORNING Welcome speech & Workshop Workshop (with coffee break) Workshop (with coffee break)
AFTERNOON Workshop (with coffee break) Workshop (with coffee break) Workshop (with coffee break) and Closing Ceremony 
EVENING Welcome Drink Gala dinner  




The base fee is 250€ (around 280$) for IPPA members and 140€ (around 155$) for IPPA members pursuing their PhD studies. The fee will cover workshops and 3 lunches (1 per day). You can pay in euro or in USD. 


The deadline for registration is 14th May 2020.



Period 1

Before 31st March 2020 

Period 2

1st April - 14th May 2020 

 IPPA members

250€ (~280$)

350€ (~385$)

 IPPA members pursuing PhD studies 

140€ (~155$)

240€ (~265$)

 Non IPPA members

400€ (~440$) 

500€ (~550$)

 Non IPPA members pursuing PhD studies

200€ (~220$)

300€ (~330$)


The IPPA membership fee for 2020/2021 (2 years) is 40€ for PhD students and 120€ for others. 


To become an IPPA member:


1) Log in or create an IPPA account,

2) After logging in, click here





Gala Dinner (2nd July 2020): 45€ (~ 50$)

More info to come soon.


Vegetarian Option (All Lunches & Gala Dinner)

A vegetarian option is available during the entire duration of the Workshop.




In the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend the International Workshop even after paying registration fees, reimbursements will be made according to the refund policy listed below:


Global refund policy:

  • IPPA membership fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Before the 1st April 2020100% reimbursement.
  • Between 1st April and 14th May 202050% reimbursement of registration fees (including lunches) and Gala Dinner.
  • After 14th May 2020NO reimbursements will be made.
  • Partial refunds are not possible (refund of only gala dinner).
  • If you have received a refund during the course of one payment period, you will not be able to re-register in the same payment period.
  • Special refund considerations can be made for people encountering visa problems or those with personal emergencies. However, proof will be required and the final decision lies with IPPA.
  • All disputes arising from the registration process will be subject to French law.