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List of panels

T01 - Policy Process, Policy Making, Policy Implementation,

W02. The causal effects of regulation

Claudio Radaelli (School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute)

Gaia Taffoni (University College London)

Giancarlo Vecchi (Politecnico di Milano - School of Management)

W03. Street-level interactions in weak institutional settings

Rik Peeters (CIDE)


Anat Gofen (Hebrew University)

W05. Constructivist and Pragmatist Approaches of Policy Process

Philippe Zittoun (ENTPE - University of Lyon)

Patrick Hassenteufel (University of Versailles-Paris-Saclay/Printemps)

William Dunn (University of Pittsburgh)

W06. Policy Entrepreneurship: Past, Present, and Future

Gordon Shockley (Arizona State U.)

Evangelia Petridou (Mid-Sweden University)

W07. Towards a sociology of banishment: Addressing intersections of social marginalisation in public policy and practice

Annika Lindberg (Institute of Sociology, University of Bern)

Lisa Borrelli (HES-SO Valais-Wallis, NCCR - on the move)

T02 - Comparative Public Policy

W02. Social Transformation in the Middle East & North Africa: Rethinking Social Policy in Times of Uncertainty

Anis Ben Brik, PhD (Hamad Bin Khalifa University College of Public Policy)

T04 - Public Administration, Governance, Networks

W01. Tourism and Development: tourism regionalization policies and their contexts

Dianine Censon (Federal University of Tocantins/Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

Sarah Minasi (University of Vale do Itajaí)

W02. From Puzzling Outcomes to Policy Learning. Assessing Governance Performance of Latin American Higher Education

Miguel Alejandro González-Ledesma (Department of Educational Research of the Centre for Research and Advanced Studies (DIE-CINVESTAV))

Germán Alvarez-Mendiola (Cinvestav, IPN)

Marcelo Mella Polanco (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)

W03. Ministers, bureaucrats and advisors in the executive: consolidating comparative research

Thurid Hustedt (Hertie School)

Marleen Brans (KU Leuven Public Governance Institute)

Gouglas Athanassios (University of Exeter)

W04. The limits of public services regulatory governance: methodological and empirical challenges

Alvaro Artigas

Jacint Jordana (Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals)

T05 - Policy Design, Evaluation, Policy Analysis

W01. Understanding policy instrument and mix dynamics: filling the theoretical and empirical gaps

Michael Howlett (Simon Fraser University)

Giliberto Capano (University of Bologna)

W02. Advancing the Policy Design Framework

B. Guy Peters (University of Pittsburgh)

Guillaume Fontaine (FLACSO)

W03. Designing complex evaluations for application to public health policy

Angeline Ferdinand (University of Melbourne)

Volker Amelung (Medical University Hannover)

Ana Maria Oyarce

W06. The Sustainable Development Goals and institutional change in Latin America

Paul Cisneros (Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales - IAEN)

sofia cordero (Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales)

T06 - Policy & Politics

W01. Policy Making in an Unequal World: A Dialogue between Policy and Inequality Research

Cosmo Howard (Griffith University)

Diana Leon-Espinoza (Griffith University)

W02. Plural public policies

andre noel roth (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)


Cristina Zurbriggen (Universidad de la Republica)

T07 - Urban Policy, Urban Governance

W01. Challenges of the policy process in subnational governance: Low capacity, weaker states or simply just local features?

Oliver Meza (CIDE)

Emilio Moya (Universidad Católica de Temuco )

W02. Climate Change as a Politics and Public Policy Challenge for Large Metropolises: A South-North Perspective

Klaus Frey (Federal University of ABC)

Andrea Lampis (Institute of Energy and Environment (University of São Paulo))

T09 - Other

W01. Human Right Approach in public policy: Recapitulation of methodological experiences

Daniel Vazquez (Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas - UNAM)

Claudia Ileana Espinosa Díaz (Flacso México)