Community of Practice

Dear colleague, 

The next meeting of the Interpretive Community of Practice will be on Monday 1 February. It will start at 6pm (AEST)/ 9am (CET) and will last for 1.5 hours.

The topic of the meeting will be: “The transformative potential of Interpretive Policy Analysis”. Anne Loeber and Koen Bartels will introduce the topic based on recent papers of theirs and provide a short reflection on the discussion at the end of the meeting.

If you'd like to join the (online) meeting, please contact the organiser Severine van Bommel (

Best wishes,

Koen, Selen & John

Welcome to the Virtual Community of Practice for Interpretive Practitioners

The Virtual Community of Practice (CoP) for Interpretive Practitioners is a bi-monthly online event, hosted by Severine van Bommel, during which we discuss scientific issues in relation to interpretive policy analysis (IPA).

Meetings last approximately 1.5 hours.

The Community of Practice is intended to be member led. The aims of the Community of Practice are to:

- share experiences and exchange ideas related to interpretive policy analysis

- discuss relevant (to all) literature that focuses on interpretive policy analysis

- discuss new developments in scientific theory and methodology in this field

Furthermore, we aim to invite the author, whose work we discuss, to introduce their work/research project/publication and reflect with us on our own experiences as Interpretive Practitioners. This speaker may be an IPA scholar or someone from a closely affiliated field.

Participants in various stages of their career are welcome to join. Every participant will read the relevant literature before the meeting.

A summary of the issues discussed each meeting will be posted to this blog as well as the references to the literature discussed. It will also create a digital memory.

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