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The Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO) built its reputation on organisational studies and has progressively broadened its scope. Today, the centre is well-known for research in the fields of economic sociology, the sociology of organisations, of public action, of professions, of social movements, and of law.

The research carried out at the CSO covers a wide range of subjects, which are often approached from a comparative perspective and maintain a conscientious familiarity with the changes taking place in contemporary society.

Research at the CSO is organized into 5 research programmes that aim to explore their subjects within a sociological approach: Law, Norms, and Regulation; Work, Employment, and Professions; Governance and Economic Organisations; Knowledge, Science, and Expertise; Public Action and Transformations of the State.

In France, the CSO researchers contribute to and assume responsibilities as constituents of the discipline’s key journals, professional organisations and research administration. They are also keen to ensure that their work has real connections to society at large, leading them to work with public and private institutions as well as to participate in public debate.

On the global scale, the research conducted is frequently published in major international journals and the centre’s researchers are invested in networks, associations, and research programs that bring together scholars from around the world.


Learn more about the Centre for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO) here.

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