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The Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) affiliated to the Egyptian Cabinet, is one of Egypt's leading think tanks. It is a governmental non-profit think-tank offering professional and specialized services to the decision makers. Since its establishment in 1985, the IDSC has undergone many facelifts to cope with the changes the Egyptian society went through.

  1. In its first phase "Information infrastructure" (1985- 1999), IDSC dedicated its efforts towards the development of Egypt's information infrastructure that ensures the speed of data and information flow in addition to taking part in technological development in Egypt.
  2.  In the second phase " Decision support and information dissemination" (1999 – 2005), IDSC became responsible for providing applicably scientific and pragmatic solution that support addressing variant developmental issues
  3. As of 2005 " Cabinet's think tank", in its continuous strive to effectively support the ongoing developmental plans of the country, IDSC's role has emerged as the main governmental think-tank in Egypt, supporting the decision-making process for a wide array of stakeholders. IDSC contributes to all phases of formulating the country's general policies, starting from identifying issues and prioritizing them, followed by supporting decision-making by giving alternatives and recommendations relying on international experiences, to end with providing feedback, in which IDSC follows up on reactions and evaluates the impacts of policies and decisions.

Vision and Mission

IDSC Vision: Developing Innovative and Applicable Ideas to Achieve Egypt’s Vision / IDSC Mission: Supporting Decision Makers in Forming Effective Public Policies in a Cooperative Framework.

IDSC's Roles, IDSC is keen on playing on a bundle of multiple roles:

  • Information Support: It is keen on consolidating the pillars of a community of knowledge through offering accurate and updated information constantly to decision makers, on one hand, and providing the beneficiaries (citizens, civil society, etc.) with knowledge and key updates, on the other hand.
  • General Policy Formulation Support: IDSC pays utmost attention to this by providing information and knowledge that enable decision makers from adopting suitable measures and procedures, which can promote development efforts and implement comprehensive reform plans.
  • Societal Integration: IDSC is always keen on consolidating continuous communication with citizens considering them partners and actors in supporting all development efforts in the country through determining their orientations and opinions on several issues.
  • Supporting Efforts towards Digital Transformation: IDSC is keen on helping relevant authorities support the State’s orientation towards digital transformation based on its accumulated expertise in this field. This can be done through presenting a plethora of technological solutions and professional services. IDSC is responsible for developing several systems, websites, and advanced technological applications that contribute to enhancing the infrastructure of State-owned institutions. Promoting Systems of Facing Crises and Disasters

IDSC presides the National Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management. Thus, it works according to several work axes including:

- Setting up strategies and national plans to reduce potential risks of disasters

- Raising awareness and implementing training programs and field training in crisis and disaster management

- Contributing to raising the efficiency of State-owned institutions and promoting their abilities to combat crises and disasters.

- Consolidating international and regional cooperation with various relevant international bodies

- Paying attention to optimal employment of advanced technological mechanisms to follow up on the events and updates through activating a central operations room equipped with the latest technologies.

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