Institute for Social Research in Zagreb

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The Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ) is a leading empirically oriented public and non-profit scientific institution in Croatia, established in 1964 with the aim of conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of social science and humanities.

The Institute’s mission is to carry out socially significant, fundamental and policy quantitative and qualitative scientific research of different aspects of Croatian and European societies, in a systematical, longitudinal and interdisciplinary manner. Hence, research topics include: youth studies, education, social structure, urban/rural sociology, science policy, European studies, sustainable development, gender differentiation and social inequalities. The Institute consists of four scientific research centres that function as subsidiary units, namely the Centre for Youth and Gender Studies, the Centre for Educational Research and Development, the Centre for Research in Social Inequalities and Sustainability, and the Science Research and Urban/Rural Studies Centre.

Research fellows employed at the Institute are continuously involved in various policy processes at local, national and European level and also teach in undergraduate and post graduate programs at different universities.

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