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The University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) is a teaching and research institution officially founded in 1985 that employs over 7.000 people throughout 31 faculties and schools geographically distributed in three campuses with over 50,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The UPV/EHU has been recognised as an International Excellence Research Campus by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.


Under this strategy of excellence and internationalization, SINNERGIAK Social Innovation was established in April 2012 as an autonomous unit of the Euskampus Foundation (UPV/EHU).


Our work is focused on the internal specialization for the generation of Knowledge, the management of a set of social techniques and also the access to a diversity of projects through a cooperation and network system.


Our main areas of research are:

·      Social Innovation

·      Public Sector Innovation and Governance

·      Workplace Innovation


Some of the most remarkable projects of Sinnergiak are:


At European Level, Sinnergiak is a partner in Beyond 4.0 (H2020) and has participated in Social Innovation Community (H2020), Students4Change ( Erasmus Plus), Simpact (FP7) and Transcreativa (Sudoe).


At regional level, Sinnergiak is a leading organization of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative, a new networked model of governance territory based on deliberation and experimentation.

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