International Spring School on Public Policy - Denver Edition 2018

 IPPA is proud to introduce its first "International Spring School on Public Policy - Denver 2018" . Co-organised by IPPA and School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver, the Spring School will be held in Denver on May 21-May 25, 2018.


The call for application is postponed until 30th March 2018

The Registration from 18th March to 15th April

Grants are addressed to students who need it to come to Denver. This grant can cover up to 70% of the registration fees (410$ out of the 550$) and consist to obtain a discount of the registration fees. 





The field of public policy involves multiple approaches and techniques used to understand, explain, and inform policy processes in an increasingly globalized field.

The International Spring School on Public Policy Denver will bring together many of the recognized experts and original creators of these approaches and techniques in a rare opportunity for students to work with them. More specifically, the International Spring School on Public Policy Denver will offer participating PhD students or young scholars the opportunity to attend the following activities:


  • Five 3-hour lecture sessions on various approaches (including Institutional Analysis and Development Framework, Discourse Network Analysis, Constructivist Approaches, the Narrative Policy Framework, and the Advocacy Coalition Framework) to studying public policy that emphasizes both their theoretical foundations and how to apply them;
  • Three 3-hour student research presentation and discussion sessions on participating student research efforts (including but not limited to dissertation proposals, draft dissertation chapters, and manuscripts being prepared for journal submission) with a scholar and fellow students serving as discussants; and
  • One 2-hour grand challenges roundtable session featuring the international scholars featuring the international scholars on how to better position public policy scholarship to better address the grand challenges facing humanity (e.g., climate change, refugees and migration, inequity and equality, political sustainability of our governing systems).


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