IPPA-ENAP Summer School - Brasilia Edition

"It was an amazing experience, mainly because I knew some interesting people and ideas. This activity was important for my research. The conferences were very innovative."

    Maria da Glória Santos Laia
Participant of Summer Schools in Brasilia, May 2017


Following the success of the previous editions of the "International Summer School on Public Policy - Brasilia" held in November 2016, May 2017 and December 2017, the Escola Nacional de Administração Pública (ENAP) and the International Public Policy Association (IPPA) have come together for a fourth edition.




The Summer School will take place from 10 - 14 December 2018.

The Call for Applications: 1 June 2018 until the 20 September 2018.



















The main objective of this International Summer School is to provide advice and knowledge on public policy theories, concepts, and methodologies in policy analysis. Lectures in the morning will alternate with workshops in the afternoon. six workshops (each composed of a small group of 20 students maximum) will be conducted by an internationally renowned scholar. One group will be composed of Ph.D. students and young researchers and two groups will be exclusively composed of policy practitioners. 

-> The application and selection of Ph.D. students and young scholars for the Summer School will be managed by IPPA through this website. All relevant information will be available on this page.

-> The selection of policy practitioners will be managed directly by ENAP and all the relevant information will be available on this page. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


For Ph.D. Students and young scholar:


Course 1: Policy Design by B. Guy Peters

Course 2: Policy Dynamics and Interest Organizations by Laura Chaqués-Bonafont 

Course 3: Public Policy Process: Theory, Politics and Methods by Frank Fischer


For Practitioners:


Course 4: Policy Coordination by Charlotte Halpern

Course 5: Policy Evaluation and Policy Process by Giliberto Capano

Course 6: Policy Design by M. Ramesh


To apply:

  1. Log in or create an IPPA account,
  2. Click the "I want to apply" button at the top of this page,
  3. Prepare a PDF document with your CV and your Research Project (more information on the page: "I want to apply")
  4. Specify your preference between the 3 courses open to PhD students.



The Summer School is free (no registration or accommodation costs), participants must cover travel costs.