International Summer School on Public Policy - Nairobi Edition 20-24 April, 2020

the application Process

The first round of call for applications is open from  4 February 2020 until 28 February 2020

The late call for Applications will be open from 2 until 16 March 2020 on a rolling admission basis depending on availability.


To ensure your participation in the Summer School, we strongly advise you to apply at the earliest.


The application and selection of PhD students and Early Career Researchers for the Summer School are based on their research project.


The applicant must submit a 3 to 5 pages long PDF file containing the following documents:

  1. A CV (one page) 
  2. A short summary of the research project the applicant wants to discuss during the Summer School (2 pages long max). In case the applicant does not want to present a project, a short letter explaining the motivation to attend the courses and workshops must be submitted. 

The summary of the research project must underscore:

- The research question: What issues does the project seek to highlight and why? These could be theoretical research questions or methodological questions.

- In what context do these issues occur? The proposal should present the context in which these issues are found and justify why, taking into account this context, the issue is relevant.

- What is the scientific relevance of the research question? The document should present a brief state-of-the-art and identify specific expected contributions and the approaches and concepts mobilized.

- What will the research project contribute to existing studies? What kind of hypotheses does the project explore? Why are these original and how will they help highlight different aspects of the main research question?

- Which methods will be used?



To Apply:


  1. Log in or create an IPPA account
  2. Click the "I want to apply" button (at the top of the page)
  3. Follow the procedures outlined to upload a document (the application folder should be a maximum of 3 to 5 pages in one PDF). Please indicate the document title as follows: Surname_Project Research Title
  4. Indicate the course you want to attend by order of your preference. Indicate an order of preference from 1 to 3 in front of each course. You can put 0 if you are really not interested in one course or twice "1" in two courses if they both interest you as of the first choice. We will do our best to offer you your first choice, or the second if the first is not available. 

Important info on the course choice during the Application

- Each participant can choose one course from a total of three available courses.

- He or she will attend this course with the same teacher throughout the week.  

The results of applications will be communicated to the applicants on 2 March 2020



Detailed Research Project Submissions:


Please note that the selected applicants will be asked to submit a detailed presentation of their research project or article that will be presented during the workshop.


Length of the final submissions:

-For research projects: at least, 10 pages long.
-For article projects: 7000 to 10000 words, in compliance with international standards.