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Following the success of the previous Summer School Programs in Brasilia, IPPA launched the "International Winter School on Public Policy - Grenoble 2018" (8th to 12th January 2018) with the support of Science Po Grenoble, PACTE, ENTPE, LAET, IDEX Grenoble and CNRS

"It was an amazing experience, mainly because I knew some interesting people and ideas. This activity was important for my research. The conferences were very innovative." Maria da Glória Santos Laia (participant of Summer Schools in Brasilia, May 2017)

"It's a fantastic experience because you have the opportunity to attend lectures with famous professors in the area, exchange experiences with other researchers and practitioners, in order to form a network. I recommend and I really want to participate in the next editions." Lia Almeida (participant of Summer Schools in Brasilia, May 2017)

The main objective of this International Winter School was to provide advice and knowledge on Public Policy theories, concepts and methodologies to analyze public policy. Courses and lectures in the morning were alternated with workshops in the afternoon. All lectures, courses, and workshops were given by International scholars. 

Each PhD student and young scholar had the opportunity to follow: 

5 one-hour lectures from 5 different International scholars to obtain an overview of specific approaches, concepts, and theories

one 10-hour course by an International scholar on a specific issue. Each group will have 20 sutdents and each student could choose his or her course

one 10-hour workshop in a small group of 12 participants to discuss participants' research projects. Each project were discused for up to 45 minutes



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