Interview series: Professor Bill Dunn

Professor Bill Dunn joins IPPA for an interview discussing his academic journey from PhD student to professor. In the video, Dunn discusses his use of mixed methods, his integrated approach to applied policy analysis, the need for problem structuring, and the idea of evidence-based policy. He was interviewed in Pittsburgh by PhD candidate Max Nagel.



William Dunn is a professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. His teaching and research interests include public policy analysis, philosophy and sociology of applied science, research design and methods, quantitative and qualitative (mixed) methods, and utilization of scientific and technical information by policymakers.

Dunn has produced a variety of published books, articles, papers, and reports on comparative and international management, organization theory and behaviour, the methodology of policy analysis and evaluation, critical theory and public administration, the uses of policy argumentation for critical thinking, research design, and mixed-methods research. He has written policy papers for agencies at the national, state, and local levels. His most well-known publication is the sixth edition of Public Policy Analysis: An Integrated Approach (2017), which is the most widely cited book on the subject and has since been translated into six languages.



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