Interview series: Professor Diane Stone

Professor Diane Stone joins IPPA for an interview discussing her academic journey from PhD student to professor. In the video, Stone discusses her research on think tanks, global public policy and transnational administrations, policy transfer, the concept of the Agora, and the role and skills of experts. She was interviewed in Singapore by PhD candidate Mehmet Kerem Coban.




Diane Stone is acting as Dean and Professor in the School of Public Policy at Central European University (CEU), Hungary. For the past decade, she has split her professional activities between Australia and Europe. In Australia, she is the Centenary Professor of Governance at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra. Her research is focused on the one hand, with global policy, the 'new diplomacy' and transnational administration; and on the other, with the role of ideas in policy making, policy transfer and network governance. Stone is also an Honorary Professorial Fellow at Warwick University. She is Consulting Editor for Policy and Politics. Stone was a co-founder of the International Public Policy Association and is currently Vice-President.



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