IPPA College Elections 2023-2027

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The International Public Policy Association is a non-profit organization governed by a College of 24 members representing the individual members and currently 34 members representing the institutional members. The role of the College is defined by article 15 of our Constitution (Click here to see the Constitution).

The College members representing individual members are elected for a 4 years term, renewed by half every 2 years.

Every individual member with a current IPPA membership is invited to vote and choose the 12 members that will represent them at the College. 



During the voting period, 233 individual members cast their votes to elect the 12 members that will join the College of the Association from 2023-2027. The list of the newly elected College members is here below. Their term of office will start on 25 May, the date of the upcoming College meeting


  • Ebinezer Florano, 83 votes
  • Johanna Jornung, 82 votes
  • Araz Taeihagh, 78
  • Saidou Abdoul Karim, 77
  • Adam Wellstead, 68
  • Atsuo Sato, 62
  • Pengyu Zhu, 57
  • Fatih Celik, 50
  • Kiran Kumar Gowd, 47
  • Santosh Gedam, 40
  • Pontiano Mulenga, 30
  • Shakir Ullah, 15
  • Yaguang Hao, 14
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