International Research Symposium on Public Management in Asia: Innovation and TransformationOn the 24th and 25th November 2017 in Hong Kong

17/08/2017 Léa Monnier


International Research Symposium on Public Management in Asia:

Innovation and Transformation


November 24-25 2017



Hosted by

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong



School of Political Science and Public Administration, Wuhan University

Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, Chiang Mai University

School of Public Administration, South China University of Technology

College of ASEAN Community Studies, Naresuan University

National College of Public Administration and Governance and Asian Center, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Institute of Public Policy and Administration, The University of Central Asia

Institute of Local Governance, Central South University


 Supporting Journals

Policy and Society (SSCI indexed)

Journal of Asian Public Policy (ESCI indexed)


This research symposium brings together an international mix of leading organizations, policy practitioners and academics to explore the multifarious ways in which public management is being transformed. In particular, the research symposium seeks to explore the pathways of governance innovation, new and emergent transformations in the way governments are responding to increasing public demand for effective and efficient delivery in the provision of public goods and services, as well as public sector responses to increasing demands for transparency and accountability in the management of public finances. By focusing on emergent, innovative and transformative practices in public management in Asia, the international research symposium seeks to map the broad trajectories of public management reforms and their implications for Asia. 


The international research symposium welcomes empirically and theoretically focused papers. Comparative analyses are particularly encouraged.


The conference will be held on the serene Tai Po campus of the Education University of Hong Kong. The host will provide free hotel accommodation for non-local participants of up to three nights as well as meals. No registration fees will be charged.


The symposium is supported by Policy and Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Policy Research and the Journal of Asian Public Policy. High-quality papers may be considered for publication in a special issue in the journals.


Those wishing to present in the conference should submit a 250-300 word abstract to by October 10, 2017. Information enclosed with your abstract should include: title of paper, author name(s); institutional affiliation and email address. Selection results will be announced by October 24, 2017.


For more details, please feel free to go to the APS website and send enquiries to