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The International Public Policy Association will hold an International Workshop on Public Policy at the University of Pittsburgh from 26th to 28th June 2018.


15 to 20 parallel workshops will be held over three days in an attempt to provide an appropriate platform for intense discussions on specific research questions. This is also an effective way to prepare an edited book or a special issue.


The purpose of these workshops is to allow 15-20 scholars per workshop to come together to hold in-depth discussions of papers on policy research issues.


The key issues will be defined by the chairs of each workshop and each participant will be expected to present a paper related to these pre-defined issues.


This International Workshop will be organized in two phases: A Call for Workshops and a Call for Papers (see timeline below).



international workshop timeline

Call for Workshops: 15th September 2017 - 30th October 2017

Call for Papers: 15th November 2017 - 30th January 2018

See the whole event timeline





These workshops are sponsored by the Public Policy section of the American Political Science Association and by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.