The International Workshops on Public Policy is a conference at which 15 to 20 workshops will take place in  parallel during 3 days from 26th to 28th June 2018,.  This is the best configuration for having a long and intense discussion on a specific research question. It is is also a good way to prepare an edited book or a special issue of a journal.


A Workshop will consist of 3 days of working meetings in which  15 to 20 scholars discuss one research question linked to Public Policy. The chairs of each Workshop will design the general questions and each participant must present an paper related to the main question.


The International Workshops will be organized through 2 main steps: the Call for Workshops and the Call for Papers.



call for workshopS



In the first step, at least two scholars should propose a workshop on a specific topic, following the recommendations below. The workshop proposal will be evaluated by at least two referees. All selected workshops will be announced on our Website before launching the call for papers.


The chairs of the Workshop will receive all papers proposals for their selection. Since at least 15 papers need to be selected, chairs should choose 20 or more proposals, considering the risk of withdrawal by some accepted participants. A Workshop without enough good papers will be cancelled.

Chairs should send a proposal through our Website according to the following guidelines:


1. A presentation of the workshop


This presentation must develop in 2-3 pages the general topic of the Workshop. It should specify:


  • A title reflecting the main issue,
  • A 200 words abstract, and 2-3 keywords.
  • What is the research question to be addressed by the participants? This can refer to theoretical research questions, as well as methodological questions.
  • In what context does this question take place? The proposal should present the context of the topic proposed and justify why the question is relevant in this context.
  • What is the scientific relevance of the question? The document should elaborate a brief state of the art and identify specific expected contributions to be made by the workshop participants
  • What can be the additional value of the Workshop to this question? What kind of hypotheses do the chairs want to explore ? What makes these hypotheses original and what can they can contribute to highlight aspects of the main question.
  • What kind of contribution do the panel chairs want to explore? The document must explain what kind of papers they  would like to receive: empirical, theoretical, methodological?
  • Which methods will be utilized during the workshop? The document should explain the dynamics of the sessions, final products, follow-up and possible publication.


2. A biographical presentation:

The document must contain for each chair a short outline  (in 60-80 words) on their current research interests, most recent publications and academic status (ie. Professor, PhD student, etc).


3. A call for papers

The document must contain the call for papers to be uploaded on the website. This should include a title reflecting the workshop´s main issue, a 200 word description of the objectives and dynamics of the sessions, and 2-3 keywords.  


4. A list of potential papers (optional)

If the chairs have already ideintified possible participants, they shoud provide the title of the papers proposals and the authors references. In any case, this list must contain a maximum  of 10 papers to be open to other participants



international workshops timeline

Call for Workshops : 15th September - 30th October 2017

Call for Papers: 15th November 2017 - 30th January 2018


More information soon...