Best Book Award 2021

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The IPPA Best Book Award is awarded biennially at the Association’s International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP). The award is given to a single- or co-authored monograph that makes an original and significant theoretical, methodological and/or empirical contribution to the field of Public Policy and/or Public Administration. 


The prize is open to works by both academic and non-academic authors. The nominated book must have been published by a university or commercial publisher in the preceding two years. (For example, the prize awarded in 2021 will be for a book published in 2020 or 2019, the year of publication being the year as stated in the book).


The monograph may be single- or jointly- authored.  Edited books are not eligible.


The work should preferably be in English; however, a submission written in another language can be nominated as long as it is accompanied by an English summary of the work of 5,000-7,000 words.


Self-nomination by authors is not allowed. An eligible book should be nominated by three persons.


Nominators (either individuals or publishers) may only nominate once in each category.


The call for nominations will be open from 2 November 2020 - 8 January 2021.


The recipient of the IPPA Best Book Award 2021 will be determined by a jury established by IPPA.  The jury will be chaired by: 

Prof. Fritz Sager 

University of Bern


Nomination Guideline

Nominations for the Best Book Award must be submitted online via the IPPA website by one correspondent who has compiled all the relevant materials into one single file submission.


The file must contain the following: 


  • Supporting statements from 3 academics or policy researchers in scholarly institutions - preferably based in three different countries - advocating the merits of the book.  This may be either one statement co-signed or three brief letters of support, but comprising no more than three pages in total. At least one of the nominators must be an IPPA member.  Publishers may nominate a book but must also secure 3 supporting statements (of which one statement may come from the publisher).
  • CV of the nominated author
  • Book manuscript of the nominee either available via open access or in downloadable e-format. Publishers can choose to send hard copies to the selection committee, in addition to the versions available open access or in downloadable e-format.  


The nominators must commit to helping organize a panel devoted to the winner’s book at the ICCP5 should the nomination be successful.