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Contemporary Approaches on Public Policy (2016)

(Publisher : Palgrave-McMillan)

Author(s) : B. Guy PETERS & Philippe ZITTOUN

P. Zittoun


This book considers a range of contemporary approaches to public policy studies. These approaches are based on a number of theoretical perspectives on decision-making, as well as alternative perspectives on policy instruments and implementation. The range of approaches covered in the volume includes punctuated equilibrium models, the advocacy-coalition framework, multiple streams approaches, institutional analyses, constructivist approaches, behavioural models, and the use of instruments as an approach to public policy. The volume concludes with a discussion of fundamental issues of democracy in public policy.

Table of contents


B. Guy Peters & Philippe Zittoun


The Advocacy Coalition Framework: An Approach for the Comparative Analysis of Contentious Policy Issues

Weible, Christopher M., Jeankins-Smith H., Pages 15-34

Discursive Approaches to Public Policy: Politics, Argumentation, and Deliberation

Durnova, Anna, Fischer Frank, Zittoun Philippe, Pages 35-56

Institutionalism and Public Policy

Peters, B. Guy, Pages 57-72

Institutions and the Policy Process 2.0: Implications of the IAD Framework

Araral, Eduardo (et al.), Pages 73-93

The Transformation of Ideas: The Origin and Evolution of Punctuated Equilibrium Theory

Eissler, Rebecca, Jones Bryan, Pages 95-112

Behavioral Approaches: How Nudges Lead to More Intelligent Policy Design

John, Peter, Pages 113-131

Tools Approaches

Margetts, Helen, Hood Christopher, Pages 133-154

Bounded Rationality and Garbage Can Models of Policy-Making

Zahariadis, Nikolaos, Pages 155-174


Conclusion: Public Policy Theory and Democracy: The Elephant in the Corner

Ingram, Helen, De Leon Peter, Schneider Anne, Pages 175-200



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