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Dictionary of Public Policy (2022)

(Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing)

Author(s) : Michael Howlett, M Ramesh, Anthony Perl and Elisa Helena Xiol Y Ferreira

Assembling a broad overview of the discipline, this Dictionary is a useful reference book for students at all levels and early-career researchers. It will also benefit policy practitioners looking for a superior understanding of the crucial vocabulary that governs their field.


‘The Dictionary of Public Policy captures the length, breadth, and depth of the burgeoning discipline of public policy. It is a requisite tool for researchers and practitioners alike. It is authoritative, exhaustive, concise, and illuminating, as it translates the complexity of public policy into pithy entries with useful links to further reading. The Dictionary offers both a quick reference point for its readers, and the opportunity for deep perusal. Readers will emerge policy enriched from the experience. It is a path-breaking contribution from distinguished researchers whose efforts continue to build, expand, and now define an exciting area of scholarship and practice. It is quite simply an exciting, “must have” resource.’


– Kate Crowley, University of Tasmania, Australia

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