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The Future of the Policy Sciences (2021)

(Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing)

Author(s) : Anis Ben Brik; Leslie Pal

This forward-thinking book examines the future of public policy as a discipline, both as it is taught and as it is practiced. Critically assessing the limits of current theories and approaches, leading scholars in the field highlight new models and perspectives.


Chapters present data on what is taught in policy schools, using survey results from schools of public policy to assess pedagogical scope and adequacy. The book also considers policy work in government, and whether theory matches practice. Reflecting on the future of policy making, policy advice, implementation and governance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it analyses how policy issues are now framed and debated, the range of available tools, and how public compliance and popular support have been eroded by the crisis.

This book will be an essential guide to re-thinking the field of public policy and its theories, methods, and applications. It will help teachers, students, public managers and policy-makers navigate the new, turbulent governance landscape that lies ahead.


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