Before managing the general schedule of the Conference, let's begin with the sessions management that must be done by April 30.
Please follow these steps to manage your panel's session: 
1.To access to this section: Log in to your IPPA Account, then click to "ICPP4 Montreal 2019"

2. Click on "MY SESSION":

3.Click on “Manage Session” :

4. You will find the list of papers you selected with a color code: 

The papers will be listed in two different colors: 
  • with the GREEN background: the papers with at least one author registered (Fees paid)
  • For the papers in WHITE, at this stage, you have no insurance of the author's attendance. In order to have a clear idea of the situation, it would be better for you to contact the authors to ask them if they will register and attend the Conference.
If there is the indication of a red tick in front of the paper, it means the paper has been deactivated due to the author(s)'s withdrawal to the Conference.
5.To create a session, click on "Create a session"

6. Then drop the papers in "Session 1"
Click on the Paper you want to select and drag it into the “Session 1” space.  Place 3 to 6 papers (We highly recommend a number between 4 and 5 papers per session).  
We suggest to give priority to the papers " in green" but please note that the color system is instantly updated when people register. As a result, you will have to come back regularly to the session management and add new papers in your session after the authors' registration. 

7. Click on “Create Session” to generate your first session

8. At this stage, you can edit sessions and add some extra informations such as a title and discussants by clicking on the pencil :


  • Note that discussants must have an IPPA account and be registered to the Conference.
9. Create a Second/Third Session (optional)
Only after placing at least 3 papers on session 1, you will be allowed to create Session 2 (if needed).
After completing  Session 2, you will be able to create Session 3.
After creating a new session, note that you can move the “Not Attributed Paper” to the others sessions.
Please keep in mind that the system does not allow to create more than 3 sessions. 
In the case you have more than 15 papers selected and whose authors have registered, please contact us in order to create more sessions. 
For any queries, please send us an email to:
In order to organise Conference's program and schedule, we need you to organise your session by April 30 even if you may complete it later on.