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Philippines Public Policy Network

The Philippine Public Policy Network (PPPN) is an organization of academic professionals, researchers, and policymakers that promote the development of public policy discipline and practice in the Philippines and in the region. It will serve as a platform to foster a multi-disciplinary understanding of the policy process, its context, and the impact of public policies. It aims to generate an evidence-based discourse around policy-relevant issues in order to improve the standards of policymaking and policy research.

About the Network

Objectives (Mission)


  1. To foster scientific research in the field of public policy in the Philippines and beyond;

  2. To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas between students, academics, researchers and practitioners;

  3. To encourage professional and social networking between scholars from various disciplines and backgrounds working on the fields of public policy, policy studies and policy sciences;

  4. To promote problem orientation and the use of scientific knowledge by policy-makers;

  5. To advance professionalism by improving public policy teaching and learning.


The Inaugural Conference is going to be held at the University of Philippines on 21-22  November 2019. Email for more details.


If you wish to become a member or want to learn about PPPN activities for 2020, click on the "I wish to join the Network" button above or email us at  



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