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The Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP) is an autonomous institution hosted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Its research and teaching activities are organized around seven professorships, each of which represents a specific sub-field of political science. In addition, two of them cover the field of big data, strengthening the interdisciplinary character of the newly reconceptualized institution. Professors at HfP have considerable expertise in global governance, trade, environmental, and energy issues, international organizations, global justice, and comparative politics.


HfP launched its new study programs in October 2016, beginning with a three-year Bachelor’s in Political Science. In October 2017, it will start its English-language two-year Master's in Politics and Technology. What is unique about HfP's course offering is that it incorporates highly relevant socio-political topics emanating from TUM’s portfolio of disciplines - such as mobility, energy, and big data.


HfP was founded during the period of upheaval that followed the end of World War II. Prompted by the US military government, a decision was made in 1948 to set up an institution with the primary goal of teaching the principles of democracy. In 2013 the Bavarian parliament instigated a reform process and in 2014 decided to make TUM the new host university of the Bavarian School of Public Policy. This landmark decision has opened up new opportunities to develop the discipline of political science by incorporating insights from TUM’s excellent work in the social and natural sciences and engineering.


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