Center for Research and Analysis of Public Action and Policies

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The Center for Research and Analysis of Public Action and Policies (CRAAP) is an independent think tank whose work and action are focused on the analysis and innovation of operational ideas for the modernization of the Moroccan public administration, as well as the enrichment and structuring of the public debate on related topics.


The center is located in the Higher National School of Administration in Rabat - Morocco, and acts within the functional framework and all the dynamics carried by the school.


The logic of the reforms requires that major decisions, linked to the upgrade of the administration or public action, should be the trigger and at the same time the culmination of a national momentum of thinking and debate.


Therefore, the decision-making processes for administrative reforms must start from the injection of innovative ideas into the public debate leading to a collective ripening of the reflection.


The major asset for the success of such a process is, of course, the wider, posteriori involvement of society, the media and the intermediary bodies in the enrichment of the debate of ideas. The CAAPP thus plays the role of initiator and facilitator of such dynamics of reflection.

The CRAPP is also positioned as a major player in political and sociological thinking on public administration. Its ambition is to be a force of proposal and a lever of mobilization, contributing to the structuring of the public debate relative to the reform of the administration.

The Center's work focuses on building bridges between institutions, public opinion and the administration, by submitting to the public debate the best prospective ideas stemming from its expertise and reflection, in order to develop and relay the analytical and scientific work.


These ideas, in the form of practical and operational paths for reform, can be the subject of reports and publications in order to stimulate the interest of public opinion.


CRAAP also proposes observation grids and ways to improve the efficiency and performance of the public administration.


The Center aims to work on five thematic areas :


1- The efficient State and the modernization of public management ;

2- Analysis and evaluation of public policies ;

3- Leadership and change management in the public sector ;

4- Development of territories ;

5-   Digital transformation of public action.

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