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The German Police University (Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei or: DHPol for short) is a post-graduate institution of higher studies, based in Münster and jointly funded by the German federal and state governments. University status was awarded in 2006, which also marked the launch of its signature two-year full-time master program “Public Administration & Police Management” as well as its own doctoral program.  Focusing on the provision of public safety from a broadly-defined public administration and public policy perspective, the University’s mission is to advance scientific and policy-relevant knowledge, offer academic and continuing education, and disseminate research results through a network of national and international partners from academe, public authorities, and civil society.


By design, the faculty represents academic disciplines, but also areas of policy-specific expertise. This interdisciplinary profile is also characteristic of our graduate teaching program at DHPol, which offers modules, among others, in public administration, public law, management and leadership research, communication studies as well as criminal justice and criminology to prepare newly-minted graduates for senior positions in state or federal police forces. In doing so, the University caters exclusively to acting police officers and serves as a gateway to the higher police service in Germany.


To contact the representative of DHPol, please write to Prof. Dr. Eckhard Schröter, Professor of Public Administration at


For more information please visit DHPol website.



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