Instituto de Investigación en Políticas Públicas y Gobierno (IIPPG)

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The Institute for Research in Public Policies and Government intends to articulate and trigger the generation of relevant and rigorous knowledge about public policies, their construction, their deployment, and their results. All this in the administrative, social and governmental horizon in which "public action" is located. The Institute is part of a favorable academic ecosystem that mixes graduate and undergraduate programs with research and public and social advocacy. It is in this context that the Institute seeks to project nationally and internationally academic production of excellence and dissemination of knowledge in a timely manner.

The University of Guadalajara, almost a century after its foundation, is positioned as a solid academic and student community, generating local and national leadership, committed scientists and officials, and fair searches for a better nation for all.

“The Institute endorses its mission to promote governments (federal, state and municipal) that govern through public policies, committed to evidence, to knowledge, to citizen participation in policies, and to national and international deliberation on the better ways to solve public problems. That is, governments that, within the framework of a knowledge society, promote well-being, progress, and social and environmental justice.”

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