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The Master of European Politics and Policies (MEPP) is an internationally accredited advanced one year master program at KU Leuven, Belgium. The MEPP program combines academic excellence in the comparative study of politics, policy-making and administration within Europe, with a concern for the practical challenges that professionals in policy, managerial and consultative functions face.

MEPP’s unique focus on promoting comparative approaches not only strengthens students’ cognitive capacities and analytical skills, but also fosters an open-minded attitude to diversity. MEPP offers students from around the globe the opportunity to study at one of Europe’s oldest and most well established universities.


KU Leuven prides itself on its high academic rigor and reputation. Currently ranked 5th on the Continent, 12th in Europe and 35th in the World (THE 2016), KU Leuven remains at the forefront of the study of European Politics and Policies.

Building upon its strong links with European Union practitioners, MEPP successfully prepares graduates for a highly competitive job market. MEPP alumni count numerous policy-officers in international institutions as well as public affairs consultants. In several cases, following MEPP has also led graduates to pursue a successful career in academia.


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