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The Public Policy Studies Association Japan (PPSAJ) is a scholarly organization dedicated to the field of public policy studies and education in Japan. Recognizing the need for interdisciplinary research, PPSAJ was established in 1996 as an interdisciplinary association from its inception. Its mission is to advance the understanding and enhancement of public policies, with over 900 individual and institutional members engaging in research and teaching public policies from various perspectives.

One of PPSAJ's primary goals is to promote the advancement of "public policy studies" as an interdisciplinary academic discipline. To achieve this, PPSAJ organizes an annual research conference every June, publishes a peer-reviewed journal titled the "Journal of Public Policy Studies," awards scholars, and hosts student policy competitions.

PPSAJ warmly welcomes both scholars and practitioners dedicated to advancing public policy in general. It provides a platform for experts from diverse fields to exchange their approaches and insights. Furthermore, it actively involves professionals in policy formulation, fostering an environment for information exchange and the progression of "public policy studies" as an interdisciplinary academic discipline.


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