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By virtue of its multidisciplinary nature (political science, sociology, information and communication sciences, history) ARENES research center comes under the Human and Social Sciences Department of the CNRS.


Due to the reputation of its work, the part it plays in international networks and the size of its team (more than 130 persons: 7 CNRS research fellows, 59 teacher-researchers, 53PhD students, 3 post-docs, and 4 ITA), ARENES is one of the main reference centers for political science in France.


Scholars in the "Territorial Governance and Comparative Analysis of Public Policies" team carry out their analysis of the recombinations of public action at the local and global level, by choosing a comparative approach as their investigative tool. Seeking a fruitful dialogue between political sociology and public policy analysis encourages the scholars within this team to work in coordination with other teams in the center.


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