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The University of Bern sees itself as a comprehensive university in the tradition of European universities. Its faculties comprise those of theology, humanities, human science, law, social science, economics and business, medicine, veterinary medicine and natural science.

Guided by scientific interests and social needs, the University of Bern establishes disciplinary and interdisciplinary foci and so develops its own profile. It uses the autonomy it has been granted and its creative freedom to achieve this. The University of Bern is committed to freedom in teaching and research. It recognises its ethical responsibility and respects the principles of sustainable development in its academic, administrative and operational areas.

The University of Bern fulfils its mission to a high standard. It is committed to self-regulation and monitors its services and functions regularly. It creates the conditions needed to respond in a flexible and differentiated manner to the demands made of it. The University of Bern promotes the participation of students and of employees at all levels. It involves those belonging to it in self-government and integrates them in decision-making processes.


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