University of Brasilia

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The University of Brasilia was founded in 1962 as a result of the collaboration between anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro and educator Anísio Teixeira. It came to fruition through the same revolutionary spirit that gave birth to the federal capital, Brasília, with the intention to innovate learning methods and teach towards the future. UnB is committed to providing inclusive, high-quality education and is considered among the best universities in Brazil. Its institutional mission is to generate, integrate, and disseminate knowledge while educating citizens to uphold ethical values, social responsibility, and sustainable development. The policy studies are divided among various departments, but the Department of Public Policy Management is responsible for leading the way in this area. The department consists of scholars who specialize in topics such as democracy, social participation, digital democracy, governance, urban policy, critical policy studies, decolonial and feminist studies, among others. The University of Brasilia is a member of several national and international research networks and remains open to forming new ones.
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