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The University Paris-Saclay Graduate School for sociology and political science groups together 8 research institutes and has 27 different master degrees. It links institutionally two close disciplines (sociology and political science), using the same quantitative and qualitative social science methods and working on similar scientific objects. It is structured around four main multidisciplinary research topics (developed in the master degrees and the research centres) with strong national and international relevance:

  • Sociology of the policy process (analysing sociologically the changes of policy actors, policy levels, policy issues and policy knowledge in different policy domains: welfare, crime, environment and economics)
  • Environment, territories and transitions (analysing the territorial dimensions of environmental issues and changes of ecological systems)
  • Work and professions (analysing the class, the race and the gender dimensions by using different kind of methods)
  • Data analysis (analysing the production and mobilisation of data by combining qualitative and quantitative methods).

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