Willy Brandt School of Public Policy

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The Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt (Brandt School), Germany’s first public policy school, is situated within its newest public university in the city of Erfurt.



Since its opening in 2002 as part of the Faculty of Law, Social Sciences and Economics, it has operated as an interdisciplinary, practice-oriented and international institute of higher education that has been preparing students for the demands and challenges of today’s complex political worlds.

The Brandt School’s mission over the past ten years has been to empower and equip future policy-makers from around the world. It has done so by combining the time-tested curriculum of the grand North American public policy schools with the unique perspective provided by its location at the very center of Europe. The resulting Brandt School approach stands out through its systematic trans-disciplinarity, its comprehensively global focus, and its methodical linking of theory and practice.

The Brandt School has been educating future leaders for careers in government, civil society, and private enterprise. Its teaching is embedded in a dynamic and highly innovative research environment in which cutting-edge public policy themes are explored in an integrated manner and the methodological frontiers of the social sciences expanded. It is a setting which provides the sort of reflective space required for future policy-makers to thrive.


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