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In light of the growing concern and the latest health and social measures put in place to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the International Public Policy Association decided to postpone all its events. At this time, IPPA wants to reassure you that we remain committed to organizing our events later in the year if the situation makes it possible. IPPA is seeking to provide relevant activities for our individual members, keep our members and staff safe, and prepare for the upcoming months. We will keep notifying and updating the information on our website accordingly. 


In this sense, we are pleased to announce IPPA will be organizing a series of e-Summer Schools with the aim of allowing our individual members to speak about specific Public Policy topics, have a discussion on your current research or get feedback on your article writing. All the e-Summer Schools are offered online by internationally renowned scholars. 


These e-Summer Schools are free of charge to IPPA Individual Members, who are currently Ph.D. candidates. 


To ensure your participation in the e-Summer School, we strongly advise you to apply at the earliest. Admission decisions are announced on a rolling basis, so the earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will be notified of IPPA's decision.


IPPA is launching 3 formats of the e-SS:


1. e - Atelier for Ph.D. Students on Policy Design & Processes

The e-Atelier aims at discussing the “ State of the art” on a specific macro-theme, such as policy change, policy design, gender and public policy, climate change policies, theories of public policies, among others. The research questions of the Ph.D. students interested in a specific e-Atelier have to be linked to the macro-theme of the Atelier. Each e-Atelier is designed for small groups to allow a fruitful discussion with the scholar and peers and is organized during 2 or 3 sessions depending on the Atelier. 

For more information regarding e-Atelier please click here.


2. e - Talk with International Scholars

The e-Talk offers the chance to a small group of IPPA Individual Members (around 8-12) to discuss in 1 to 3 sessions with a senior or middle-career scholar their last article, book or research stream. The topics selected range from policy ideas to the political processes of policy making.

For more information regarding e-Talk please click here.


3. e - Workshop for Ph.D. Students on Research Design

The e-Workshop will provide a specific methodological and analytical framework allowing first-year PhDs students to clarify and refine their research questions and/or learn how to organize and analyze collected data (interviews, media, reports etc.). It is designed for small groups of Ph.D. students (around 5-10) that will meet with the scholar and peers online for 2 or 3 sessions depending on the e-Workshop. 

For more information regarding e-Workshop please click here.