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P01 - The Multiple Streams Framework in non-democracies
Annemieke van den Dool -
P02 - The Advocacy Coalition Framework: Rising to Contemporary Challenges
Christopher Weible -
Daniel Nohrstedt -
Karin Ingold -
P03 - Public Policies Beyond Borders: International Cooperation, Transfers and Translations
Osmany Porto de Oliveira -
Cecilia Osorio Gonnet -
P04 - Advancing the debate on the main factors associated with policy change in Latin America: theoretical perspectives and case studies
Pedro Medellín Torres -
Cesar Nicandro Cruz-Rubio -
Gloria Del Castillo -
P05 - Globalization and theories of the policy process
Iftikhar Lodhi -
Dmitry Zaytsev -
Valentina Kuskova -
P07 - Are positivistic approaches to policy-making able to shed light on ecological transition?
Sebastien Chailleux -
Pierre Wokuri -
P08 - Rebuilding Public Trust in Policy Making Processes Under Complexity
Dr. Biswajit Bandyopadhyay -
Nemi Chand Goliaya -
P09 - Theories of policy processes and global governance innovation
Wei Li -
Christopher Weible -
Fang Chen -
P10 - The Narrative Policy Framework: Taking Stock of New Developments
Bettina Stauffer -
Michael Jones -
Johanna Kuenzler -
P11 - Motivations and Perceptions of Individual and Collective Actors in Policy Processes
Johanna Hornung -
Patrick Hassenteufel -
Nils C. Bandelow -
P12 - The Multiple Streams Framework: Theoretical refinements and empirical applications
Nicole Herweg -
Reimut Zohlnhöfer -
Nikolaos Zahariadis -
P13 - Policy Bubbles
Moshe Maor -
P14 - Constructivist and Pragmatist Approaches of Policy Process
Philippe Zittoun -
Patrick Hassenteufel -
William Dunn -
P15 - Policy Entrepreneurship: Past, Present, and Future
Gordon Shockley -
Evangelia Petridou -


P01 - Social Transformations and COVID-19 Pandemic in the Middle East and North Africa: Implications and Policy Responses
Anis Ben Brik, PhD -
P02 - The Political Economy of Public Policy: Bringing New Models and Methods in
Matia Vannoni -
John Peter -
P03 - Trust and the Smart City
Alistair Cole -
P04 - Policy-induced Challenges to Modern Democracies
Christoph Knill -
Yves Steinebach -
P05 - Post-Exceptionalism and Nexus Governance in Food and Agricultural Policy
Alons Gerry Catherine -
Carsten Daugbjerg -
Sandra Schwindenhammer -
P06 - The politics of higher education, research and innovation policies
Jens Jungblut -
Martina Vukasovic -
Mitchell Young -
P07 - Family Complexity and Social Policy around the World
Mia Hakovirta -
Daniel Meyer -
Christine Skinner -
P08 - Explaining policy change by
Munoz Norma -
Carla Tomazini -
Melina de Souza Rocha Lukic -
P09 - Advancing Research on Policy Dismantling
Jan Pollex -
Andrea Lenschow -
Charlotte Burns -
P10 - Public Policies for Digital Risks: A Comparative Policy Analysis
Sivan-Sevilla Ido -
Shawn Janzen -
P11 - Urban policy analysis: Theoretical and empirical developments
David Kaufmann -
Mara Sidney -
P12 - Policy problems and policy integration. Differences and similarities across sectors
Guillermo Cejudo -
Philipp Trein -
P13 - Public administration paradigms and policy analysis traditions in Latin American and Southern European countries.
Leonardo Secchi -
Sandra Firmino -
Cibele Franzese -
P14 - Political Economy and Public Policy
Grace Skogstad -
Matt Wilder -
P15 - Multilevel Response in Times of Crisis
Isabelle Engeli -
Thibaud Deruelle -
P16 - International and cross-sectorial comparative policy learning in payment for performance and financial incentives in health care, social care and education
Fabiana C. Saddi -


P01 - Justice or Public Management? Public Sector Reform and Corruption
Pablo Sanabria -
Guillaume Fontaine -
P02 - Robust politics and governance in turbulent times
Eva Sørensen -
Christopher Ansell -
Jacob Torfing -
P03 - Accountability and datafication in the governance of public sectors: A policy instruments perspective
Antoni Verger -
Sotiria Grek -
P04 - Central agencies, policy direction and executive leadership
John Halligan -
jonathan craft -
P05 - Dealing with wicked problems: Policy capacity and Policy Formulation in an Era of diminished Certainties
Andrea Lippi -
Theodore Tsekos -
P06 - Economic Inequality and Public Sector Innovation
Wei Li -
Yi Zhang -
Salvador Parrado -
P07 - Policy Narratives and Policy Actors – Exploring the Linkages
Sonja Blum -
Maria Tullia Galanti -
Johanna Kuhlmann -
P08 - Making co-creation work: The relevance of strategic management
Andreja Pegan -
Brittney Regal -
Ewan Ferlie -
P09 - How Experts Organize and Interact with the Political World? The Political Socializations of Experts
Valentin THOMAS -
Jean-Baptiste Devaux -
Muriel Surdez -


P01 - Designing complex evaluations for application to public health policy
Angeline Ferdinand -
Volker Amelung -
Ana Maria Oyarce -
P02 - Agenda 2030 and institutional change in the Global South
Paul Cisneros -
sofia cordero -
P03 - Investigating the Pillars of Policy Design: Modes, Spaces and Calibrations
Giliberto Capano -
Michael Howlett -
P04 - Operationalizing the Policy Design Framework
B. Guy Peters -
Guillaume Fontaine -
P05 - Relationality: The Inner Life of Policy
Raul Lejano -
Anne Taufen -
Koen Bartels -
P06 - Zombies, Ghosts and other Specters in Public Policy
Maximilian Nagel -
B. Guy Peters -
P07 - Problem structures and the policy process
Sabrina Kirschke -
Hannah Kosow -
P08 - Teaching Policy Design: Topics & Techniques
Scott Schmidt -
Michael Howlett -
Bali Azad Singh -
P09 - The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe
Arco Timmermans -
Jens Jungblut -
P10 - Public policy design and analysis: what role do parliaments play?
Anna Palau -
Muñoz Luz -
P11 - Policy Mix and Capacity in Governance Contexts: interactions and outcomes
Pedro Cavalcante -
Hironobu Sano -
P12 - Policy Analysis Based on the Advocacy Coalition Framework
Suely Araújo -
Paulo Calmon -
P13 - Policy Evaluation and Policy Analysis: re-bridging the gap to evaluate policies in a period characterized by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
Giancarlo Vecchi -
Dominika Wojtowicz -
P14 - Challenges of evaluative research in a pandemic context: methodological adaptations and new debates on the quality of evaluation.
Carla Frias -
andrea peroni -
Carolina Muñoz-Mendoza -
P15 - Anticipatory policy design for addressing sustainability challenges
Nicolas Schmid -
Sebastian Sewerin -
Benjamin Cashore -
P16 - Evidence for policy in an age of post-truth politics
Justin Parkhurst -
P17 - Evidence and Decision-Making in Multilevel Governance
Pirmin Bundi -
Valerie Pattyn -
P18 - Evaluating policy responses to address digital disruption, industry transformations and workforce resilience
Eduardo Araral -
Sreeja Nair -
P19 - Social constructivism and political relativism in the post-truth era: what place for facts in policy analysis and policy advice?
Fritz Sager -
Céline Mavrot -
P20 - Complexities of public policy evaluation: exploring political approaches to analyze its multiple dimensions
Regina Laisner -
Carolina Muñoz-Mendoza -
P21 - Food policy: crises and responses
Simone Busetti -
Maria Stella Righettini -
P22 - Institutions and Politics of Expert Advice and Policy Learning
Wei Li -
Hongmei Lu -
Claire Dunlop -


P01 - Growing Resilience: Crafting Public Policy that Supports Sustainable, Just Food Systems
Johanna Wilkes -
Carla Johnston -
Alison Blay-Palmer -
P02 - Producing markets, producing administrations: Theorizing contemporary marketization
Andreas Öjehag -
Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren -
P03 - Democratic experimentalism, governance and public policies in Latin America: challenges and perspectives
Carolina Andion -
Rubens Lima Moraes -
Suylan Midlej -
P04 - Social Theory, Crises and Public Policy
Karel Cada -
Anna Durnová -
P05 - Policy conflicts in transformation
Dieter Plehwe -
P06 - Public Policy and Public Service Delivery
Charles Mazhazhate -
P07 - Critical Interpretations of “Justice” in Climate Change and Related Transitions
Tamara Metze -
Jennifer Dodge -
P08 - Innovative Approaches to Addressing contemporary wicked problems in Public Policy
Naresh Singh -
P09 - Critical Pedagogy in Public Policy: approaches, experiences and challenges
Rosana Boullosa -
Janaina Peres -
Frank Fischer -
P10 - Discourse and policy narratives in megaprojects administration and management: Complexity, uncertainty, and conflictuality
Andrea Terlizzi -
Giovanni Esposito -
P11 - Post-Truth Politics and Political Relativism: Arguments, Narratives, and Policy Discourse
Hugh Miller -
Frank Fischer -
Hugh Miller -
P12 - Cities, Judges and Inclusion in Latin America: Rethinking Urban Policy in the context of Increased Legal Action
Sergio Montero -
Natalia Angel -
Luisa Sotomayor -
P14 - Responsible politics in an era of AI and automation
Malin Rönnblom -
Vanja Carlsson -
Andreas Öjehag -
P15 - Human rights discourse in local policy responses against COVID-19
Pedro Vormittag -
Victoria Vormittag -
Lucas Felipe Wosgrau Padilha -
P16 - Interrogating Public Policy-Governance, Nexus In Developing Countries: Imperatives, Methodologies & Evaluative Discourse
Ekhosuehi Oghator -


P01 - Ministers, bureaucrats and advisors in the executive: consolidating comparative research
Thurid Hustedt -
Marleen Brans -
Gouglas Athanassios -
P02 - The limits of public services regulatory governance: methodological and empirical challenges
Alvaro Artigas -
Jacint Jordana -
P03 - Metropolitan governance: models, policies and political processes
Mariona Tomas -
P04 - Interest groups across the policy cycle
Adrià Albareda -
Caelesta Braun -
Moritz Müller -
P05 - Democratization in Regulatory Governance
Libby Maman -
Ixchel Pérez-Durán -
P06 - Travelling models of urban governance: theorizing, branding, and local appropriation
Giulia Romano -
P07 - Consultants in the Policy Process
Reut Marciano -
Chris Hurl -
P08 - Comparing Political Networks
Manuel Fischer -
Petr Ocelik -
P09 - Universities in turbulent times: How covid-19 is impacting the present and future of Latin American higher education governance
Miguel Alejandro González-Ledesma -
Germán Alvarez-Mendiola -
Marcelo Mella Polanco -


P01 - Challenges of the policy process in subnational governance: Low capacity, different context, or simply just local features?
Oliver Meza -
Emilio Moya -
P02 - The Impact of Decentralization on Governance Systems
Glendal Wright -
Juraj Nemec -
P03 - Multi-Level Governance from a Network Perspective
Melanie Nagel -
Carlos Bravo-Laguna -
Petr Ocelik -
P04 - Sanctuary Cities across Space and Time: Public Policy Perspectives
Raffaele Bazurli -
Els de Graauw -
P05 - From Decentralization to Recentralization: Processes and Dynamics behind the Concentration of Power and Authority at the Center
Helder Ferreira do Vale -
Jean-Baptiste Harguindéguy -
P06 - Public governance for metropolis in federal states
Navarrete Carlos -
Christian Sánchez -
P07 - Governing climate change at national and subnational levels: Federalism and Multi-Level Issues
Andre Andrade -
Harald Fuhr -
P08 - New ways to financing budget in the subnational level and metropolitan areas in the post pandemic context: autonomy or fiscal dependence?
Alain Dimitrius Izquierdo Reyes -
Navarrete Carlos -
Juan Diego Omar Martínez Delgado -


P01 - Climate Change as a Politics and Public Policy Challenge for Large Metropolises: A South-North Perspective
Klaus Frey -
Andrea Lampis -
P02 - A Socially Just and Ecologically Sustainable Circular Economy: Principles, Politics and Practice
Sina Leipold -
P03 - New human rights and environmental due diligence regulations: Towards hardened foreign accountability?
Almut Schilling-Vacaflor -
Andrea Lenschow -
Maria-Therese Gustafsson -
P04 - Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 years on: conceptualization, measurement and communication
Lukas Pukelis -
Nuria Bautista -
P05 - Form, content and function: advancing theoretical explorations and empirical findings on sustainability governance
Claudia Azcuy Becquer -
P06 - “Arabian Gulf countries at crossroads: transition to sustainable energies amid declining fossil revenues, challenges and opportunities”
Tok M. Evren -
P07 - The (Im)possibility of Governing Transformation to Sustainability - Between Policies and Self-Governance
Ariel Macaspac Hernandez -
P08 - Policy Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
Tok M. Evren -
S.Duygu Sever-Mehmetoğlu -
P09 - Cross-sectoral coordination and institutional innovation in water governance
Nicolas Jager -
Manuel Fischer -
P10 - Challenges to Public Policymaking during the COVID-19 Pandemic Period: Retreading Public Policies towards the Undisrupted Attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals
Ebinezer Florano -
P11 - Governance towards Carbon Neutral Futures
Louise Reardon -
Timea Nochta -
Li Wan -
P12 - Questioning the turn of water-related risk policies towards nature
Sara Fernandez -
Anna Serra-Llobet -
P13 - Policies of extractivism in Central Africa: ressources, conflicts of rights and governance
Joseph Keutcheu -
Mireille Manga Edimo -
P14 - Climate Policy-Making: Political Dynamics, Social Acceptance, and Policy Feedback
Silvia Pianta -
Adrian Rinscheid -
P15 - Green Public Procurement
Jordi Rosell -
P16 - Urban planning for sustainable and creative city in the post-COVID era
Shunsaku Komatsuzaki -
P17 - Understanding the Process of Energy Transitions and the Relevant Issues Along the Way
Ju-Ying Yang -
Paul Jo -