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The Round Table aims to take stock of the COVID pandemic to advance our understanding of policymaking during times of crisis. Drawing on the Covid-19 experiences of countries in different regions of the world, the members of the Round Table will offer their perspectives on the nature of policy making challenges during a crisis and the factors that affect state crises responses.

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Isabelle Engeli, Professor of Public Policy at University of Exeter


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Jae Moon

Director of the Institute for the Future Government

Yonsei University

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Olivier Borraz

CNRS Research Profesor and Director of the Center for the Sociology of Organizations

Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)

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Will Jennings

Professor of Political Sciences and Public Policy

University of Southampton

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Mireille Manga

Senior Lecturer and Research

IRIC, University of Yaoundé II

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Paola Profeta

Professor of Public Economics

Bocconi University


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