Forum Section

The Forum is a section of the International Review of Public Policy which allows scholars to contribute to the main scientific debates on Public Policy. The debates can be theoretical (on specific concepts or approaches), historical or methodological. They can also contribute to these debates using a specific policy topic or a geographical area.

The forum debates are based on a major contribution proposed by a scholar in an article in which he/she argues a position or a perspective. Based on the state of the art, it offers an opportunity to identify new approaches, new concepts, new hypotheses, or to update the knowldege about them. All of those who wish to contribute to this exercice must propose an original contribution, from 4000 to 8000 words, with a strong argumentation to justify their position, important references to explain the originality and the relevance of the position compared to literature.

All articles for the forum must be submitted through the IRPP platfom of submission. On the first section, you must click on "Forum section". The article will be evaluated and the discussion will be organised by the forum editors. The forum editors will mobilise one or two scholars to write a short reaction to this proposal that engages the debate.

The forum is also open to book reviews in two formats. A short format (1500-2000 words) in which someone proposes to review a book or in a longer format, when someone wants to engage an important debate pertaining to a book (3000-4000 words). In the second case, the forum section will organise a debate with the authors.

To propose an article for the forum section, please log in to your account and click the "Submit a new article" button then choose the "Forum section". After validation from the forum editor, your article will be evaluated before receiving an answer.

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