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Considering that the academic knowledge must be available for everyone, IPPA has made the important choice to provide a fully open access journal. All articles will be available worldwide immediately upon publication, and no charge will be applied to the authors during the submission or publication process. This choice is particularly costly and expensive. Therefore, we launch a call for support to mobilize all our academic community who agree about the necessity to provide free access to academic knowledge and are willing to contribute to maintaining a free offer. 

This support can be individual but also institutional (the name of the University will be published on the paper version). Each supporter will receive a copy of the IRPP printed version for 2 years. 

To help us develop our fully open access Journal, subscribe and receive the printed version (4 Issues per year)

IRPP individual sponsorship for 2 years: 100€ for IPPA members / 200€ for others

IRPP Institutional sponsorship's fee is 1000€ for one year.

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