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The Berkeley Summer School will take place from June 10-14, 2024
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The International Summer School on Public Policy – Berkeley Edition 2024 will take place from June 10th to June 14th at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Summer School aims to provide the opportunity for Ph.D. students and early career researchers to advance their knowledge of Public Policy theories, concepts, and methodologies. Students will participate in workshops/case studies where they will be able to discuss their research projects and receive feedback from both their peers and acclaimed scholars of public policy.  

Accepted participants will be offered a wide range of learning opportunities led by renowned international academics, namely Christopher Ansell (University of California, Berkeley) and Philippe Zittoun (University of Lyon).

The general program will be structured between: 

  • 4 Lectures of 1h on Crisis Management and Public Policy Process Approaches, Concepts, and theories
  • 2 Morning Courses (10h) in parallel on a particular issue given by an International scholar, according to students' preferences ;
  • 2 Afternoon workshop sessions (12h) in parallel enabling about Policy Research Design or Crisis Management Research Design

The call for applications is open until April 30!

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