The first edition of the Summer School will take place in Berkeley at the University of California.

Campus of the University of California, Berkeley

For the Summer School, accommodation is optional. Participants who choose this option will be staying on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley in the Towle mini-suites which are located in the Unit 2 complex on Haste Street West of College Avenue, three blocks from campus. Each mini-suite consists of two spacious double bedrooms, plus its own bathroom with a shower.

For more information on the price and number of nights available, please click here

Campus of the University of California, Berkeley

This campus offers historic architecture, redwood forests, and walking paths that connect to a vibrant downtown.

Sports and activities

Enjoy tennis, racquetball, handball, squash, weightlifting, swimming, running, softball, and volleyball at one of the campus recreational facilities, including the Strawberry Canyon recreational area, the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF), and the Golden Bear Recreation Center. You can use them by paying a daily entry fee.

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