IPPA Seasonal Schools

The IPPA Seasonal Schools encourages the internationalization of Ph.D. students and Early Career Researchers working in the field of public policies. The aim of the Schools is to enable them to better understand the diversity of approaches in this field , help them deepen their research projects through constructive international criticism and allow them to develop skills for the publication of articles in international academic journals with international expert researchers. 


During a week, PhD students and young Researchers meet together to expected readings from Internationally recognized Researchers That participants usually know from readings goal Never Had the opportunity to meet. It is the opportunity for them to hear about their work in progress and to exchange with them , introduce their work and get a review on it from them and from the other PhD students and young researchers from other countries.



IPPA organizes 5 Schools all over the world:

· IPPA Summer School - Brasilia edition in partnership with ENAP;

· IPPA Winter School - Alps edition in partnership with Grenoble and Lyon Universities;

IPPA  Summer School - Nairobi edition in partnership with the University of Nairobi 

· IPPA Spring School - Denver edition in partnership with the University of Colorado Denver;

· IPPA Summer School - Padova-Venezia edition in partnership with the University of Padova;



What are the benefits of attending an IPPA Summer School?


- Deepen your research knowledge of an approach, a method or an issue : Attend in a small group the course of an internationally renowned researcher who contributed at the international level to reveal an approach, improve it or transform it.


- Be an actor in your learning experience and get reviews on your research project : During the workshop sessions in small groups, introduce your research project and receive reviews on it from the teacher and the other participants.


- Participate in a typical academic exercise: During the workshop sessions, you will also be asked to be a discussant on another participant's research project. Comment on a paper in detail and familiarize yourself with this very common exercise in the academic world. It is also often an excellent way to reflect on your own work.


- Learn tips to write a good scientific article : Attend a workshop on article writing for international academic journals. The invited researchers of the Schools all belong to editorial committees of international journals and are used to evaluating papers. They will share their tips and train you so that you can prepare for article writing.


Meet Ph.D. Students in Public Policy from all around the world : During a whole week, there are several common times organized during lectures, lunches and activities so that participants can easily socialize with other international Ph.D. students and teachers.


- Receive a certificate of participation : At the end of each school, we give our participants a document certifying that they attended the School.