FAQs on the registration


1. I tried to pay by credit card but it is not working.

Even if our system of payment is totally secure, some banks sometimes block our website's payment system. Please contact your bank to check if they can verify and autorize your payment.  

If you are still unable to pay, please contact us at icpublicpolicy@gmail.com


2. I need to modify the details on the invoice provided by the IPPA website.

Get in touch with the IPPA team at icpublicpolicy@gmail.com with the details you need to modify and we will provide you with an updated invoice.


3. I have just made the bank transfer for my registration. How can I get a confirmation ?

Please note the IPPA team will send you a confirmation via email as soon as we receive your payment.


4. I have chosen the "pay by bank transfer" option but in the end I would prefer to pay by credit card.

We need to cancel your invoice. To do so, please contact IPPA team at icpublicpolicy@gmail.com.


4. I need to have an official invoice to proceed the payment of my registration so that my faculty can support me financially.

To generate an invoice, you need to :

  • log in into your IPPA account and add the billing address under the section "My Profile"
  • select your options on the registration page
  • accept the refund Policy and click on "Purchase the registration"
  • select the mode of payment "bank transfer"
  • find the generated invoice on your user account under the section "My invoice"


5. Do I need to subscribe to the IPPA membership if I am already a member?

The IPPA membership runs for two calendar years. It is currently available for the years 2019-2020 (running between 1.01.2019 - 31.12.2020). It cannot be prorated and is non-refundable.

Please note that our system automatically offers to become an IPPA member while registering to ICPP4, even if you already are a member. You don’t need to tick this box again if you are already an IPPA member, just proceed with the rest of the registration.