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IPPA Grants

IPPA will provide grants for a limited number of accepted ICPP6 participants for in-person participation. 

Information about when to apply will be provided on this page. 

Type of grants

The grants will be open to ICPP6-accepted participants, no matter the country, provided they are unable to benefit from any financial assistance from their university or research center to participate in the Conference. Applicants must be or must become IPPA individual members and participate in person. The grant will cover the fees of the Conference, accommodation during the days of the ICPP6 (at a student residence), and visa costs (if applicable). 

*Additional funding is available from Toronto Metropolitan University to support flight expenses for selected grant recipients. If you are interested in being considered for this support, please indicate your interest in your letter of motivation. Applicants will be prioritized by need and estimated travel costs.

More information about when to apply will soon be provided. 

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the grant, the candidate must:

    • Have a paper accepted
    • Participate in person
    • Not receive any financial assistance from your university or research center
    • Be or become an IPPA individual member before the end of the early bird period

To apply

Candidates must:

    • Log in to the IPPA account
    • Click on the "I want to apply" button (once the call for grants is open)
    • Upload two pdf files: 1) a CV and 2) a letter of motivation highlighting the reason for applying for the grant and stating you will not receive funding from any institution to attend ICPP6. If you are interested in the additional funding by TMU, please indicate so in your letter as well.


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