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The International Public Policy Association (IPPA) is a non-profit organization created in December 2014 with the aim of promoting scientific research in the field of Public Policy, and to contribute to its international development.
Nowadays, IPPA aims for the international diffusion of knowledge of Public Policy, as a contribution to the internationalization of the field. Furthermore, IPPA intends to strengthen the collaboration between the public policy academic community, and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between public policy experts and students through its different projects.



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Exclusive Offer from Bristol University Press and Policy Press

IPPA is pleased to announce its collaboration with Bristol University Press and Policy Press.


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Editor in Chief / Co-Editors of Evidence & Policy

The Editorial Management Board of Evidence & Policy invites applications for the editorship of the journal to run for a period of three years from 1 January 2025, with the possibility of renewing for a second two-year term. The newly appointed Editor or Editors will work alongside the current Editor in Chief from September 2024 prior to a final handover at the end of December.


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We are writing to announce an international conference on Climate Change Obstruction. The conference will be hosted by the Critical Policy Studies Network (IPPA) and by the Climate Social Science Network (CSSN). The conference will be held in a virtual format on 14th and 15th March 2024 from 8am to 2pm (EST US Time)/ 2pm to 8pm (CET Europe Time). We look for contributions and/or participation in all world regions in connection to the two different time slots, Europe morning for SE Asia compatible, Europe afternoon/evening Americas compatible. The call for communication will be open from 20/12/2023 to 15/02/2024. You must submit an abstract on the website. The conference is free.


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Call for Papers – Special Issue on Learning through Comparison

Evidence & Policy is pleased to invite abstracts for papers that explicitly employ comparative analysis and/or that develop insights about evidence use in policy through comparison.


The IPPA Teaching Resources are intended to introduce PhD students and early career researchers to different approaches of Public Policy, and contemporary policy issues. Currently, the resources include contemporary policy approaches, interviews with distinguished policy scholars and present-day policy topics.


IPPA builds a global platform for PhD students and early career researchers working in the broad field of Public Policy. These networks share the voice, provide space and create opportunities for researchers.

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